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Briggs and Stratton 40279 - 20 kW Empower Automatic Start Standby Liquid Propane Generator With 100 Amp Transfer Switch

For performance you only imagine, the Briggs and Stratton Home Generator System is the culmination of nearly a century of consumer power expertise, delivering practical and innovative features you expect. Empower gives you the ability to run household essentials such as, lights, freezers, security systems, computers, blow dryers and many more house hold items. At the heart of this 20,000 watt fully automatic Empower standby generator you’ll find a premium, long lasting Briggs and Stratton engine that’s application – engineered to provide maximum performance. With the home standby generator system you can be assured your family will be safe during any power outage. To guarantee quality and performance the 20,000 watt fully automatic standby generator is backed by a 4 year limited warranty leaving your mind at ease. Included in this model is an AC power control module that maximizes your 15kW Empower's performance. It runs up to four ton central air and furnace in addition to normal essential appliances while providing critical AC overload protection.


* The 20 kW Empower home generator system features a commercially rated high - performance Briggs and Stratton vanguard V - twin engine for extended life, low maintenance, easy starting and low noise levels - perfect for years of reliable home standby power
* Advanced electronics will detect a utility power outage and automatically start the generator whether you are home or away
* A permanent connection to natural gas or propane delivers uninterrupted backup power with no messy gasoline storage and refueling.
* The 20 kW’s new sound shield technology features engineered air passages, an automotive - style exhaust system and acoustic foam dampeners for ultra - quiet, neighbor - friendly operation (68 dBA at 7 meters)
* The remote performance monitor keeps tabs on the performance of your generator from the comfort of your home
* Professional rust proofing and premium storm grey automotive paint for maximum durability and all weather protection.
* Also includes an automotive battery / battery trickle charger, hour meter and installation pad

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